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TWO WAY Fillet® Videos


Review the videos shown using TWO WAY Fillet® to get the most from your fish cleaning system. The first four videos show the actual TWO WAY Fillet® system being used with including pike, crappie and 18-21 inch walleye. Thank you Johnnie Candle, professional Walleye Guide for trying TWF, and to Gary N'Ski, Professional photographer and videographer for sharing the Candle video. TWO WAY Fillet® fish cleaning system is now for sale at and Scheels in Overland Park, West Des Moines, Sioux City and Mankato.

Some of these TWO WAY Fillet® Instruction videos and pictures show working prototypes. Fillet A Better Way®


Picture Tutorial</center
Initial Prototype in Use: Canadian Walleye


Position TWO WAY Fillet clamp onto the lower lip of your fish.



Begin to fillet by cutting downward behind the gill plate towards the back bone, but do not cut through the back bone. When you get to the back bone turn your knife blade parallel to the back bone and push towards the tail.


Cut the flesh away from the fish moving up to the tail, but slow down and do not cut through the skin in the tail area. Leave this so that you can flip the skin with flesh over for the next step. If the fish is longer than the board, lift the clamp with fish in tow, and slide the skin with flesh onto the board. Now position your knife blade parallel to the fillet board and cut as if "Skimming" the skin away from the flesh as in the picture on the right.


This picture shows the final stage of removing the flesh from the skin of a large northern pike. Once you have done this on both sides of your fish, you are ready for the final step in the next picture.


You are now ready to pick up your fish remains - bones, inards, etc and dispose of it. The only step not covered in this picture is that of removing the rib bones. This is easily done with a fixed blade fillet knife or your electric fillet knife.

From start to finish, you have seen how these TWO WAY Fillet® videos page can help you use youw own TWO WAY Fillet® to perfect your filleting skill, improve safety and keep more of your precious fillet meat. When you try one yourself, you will be "Hooked". Fillet A Better Way®