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TWO WAY Fillet® Videos

Our growing inventory of submitted videos demonstrate successfully using TWO WAY Fillet® to fillet: crappie, walleye, catfish, northern pike, white bass, steel head, perch, bull head, trout, small mouth bass, blue gill, and more. Fish up to 28 inch pike, 5lb catfish and 32 inch walleye have been successfully filleted.

Fillet A Better Way®

TWO WAY Fillet® fish cleaning tool can be used with any method of filleting fish. Fixed blade or electric knife work equally well. Imagine cleaning your fish with its head anchored to the board. This removes the possibility of the fish slipping, and also means you have a free hand to assist wherever and whenever you need it. This first 12 second video shows how our clamp is used to hold the fish, anchor it to the board, turn the fish over to complete side two and finally lifting for disposal the remains.

There are as many ways to fillet fish as there are anglers. TWO WAY Fillet® can be used to help any angler by removing the the risk of the slimy fish slipping around on your board since the fish head via its lower lip is anchored to our board. Whether you use a fixed blade knife, a battery operated knife, or electric knife, TWO WAY Fillet® tool will help fillet safer and more efficiently since the fish won't slip.