TWO WAY Fillet® Overview

Anchor your fish by the head in perfect fillet position with TWO WAY Fillet fish cleaning system. Only when you use TWO WAY Fillet board clamp system that holds your fish by the mouth, not the tail, snap clamp into fillet board anchoring your fish on its side. Your fish is now in perfect fillet position which means safer, easier, more efficient filleting because of no slipping. Fillet at home, fillet station, fillet table, tail gate, on your boat, kitchen counter, anywhere you would normally clean your fish.  Any species, any place, any time!

  • Clamp holds fish mouth not tail, snaps into board
  • Anchors your fish in perfect fillet position
  • Clamp securely holds fish from start to finish
  • Turning Clamp over flips fish over as well
  • Fillet away from anchored head – safest most efficient process
  • Five slip resistant feet on bottom of board
  • Medical Grade Plastic means light, portable, easy to clean
  • Use right or left handed with any type fillet knife

Imagine your fish anchored to your own TWO WAY Fillet in perfect fillet position?

TWO WAY Fillet board and clamp – Fillet A Better Way

Clean Walleye, keep thumb, fingers hand away from their teeth.

Clamp anchors to board, Clamp flips over holding fish for side two
TWO WAY Fillet Clamp – Strong jaws won’t let go
Crappie cleaning never got any easier when fish is in perfect fillet position.
Rubber Feet reduce slipping of board
Reinforcements on the edge
Clean Pike, walleye, crappie, cat fish, trout, bull head, blue gills and more
Don’t worry be happy.