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alt=TWO WAY Fillet® adapter
alt=TWO WAY Fillet® adapter
TWO WAY Fillet Adapter

TWO WAY Fillet Adapter




TWO WAY Fillet®- Adapter

Now available! Anglers have asked for a TWO WAY Fillet adapter in order to turn their existing fillet table into their own TWO WAY Fillet fish cleaning system. Simply mount the HDPE block over a 1 inch hole drilled into your table or board and you will have your own TWO WAY Fillet® fish cleaning system.

TWO WAY Fillet Adapter

You use our clamp to hold the lower lip of your fish, then secure the fish onto the fillet board with a snap. Using this process anchors your fish on its side onto your TWO WAY Fillet® adapter board which prevents slipping. In addition you fillet more accurately and more efficiently. Furthermore, using TWO WAY Fillet® adapter you now have a free hand with which you can better manage the entire process which is like having a third hand. Using your own patented TWO WAY Fillet® adapted fish cleaning system means you can fillet your fish with more confidence, safety and efficiency.

Your TWO WAY Fillet adapter is made from FDA medically approved plastic which means it is easy to clean.  you can mount your TWO WAY Fillet adapter on either end of your table/surface which means you can fillet right or left handed.  Your TWF HDPE rectangular block measures approximately 2.75"x 3.75".

The clamp easily unsnaps from the board with one hand, which means it is easy to turn your fish over to fillet side two without ever removing the clamp from the fish's mouth. When done, you simply unsnap the clamp from board with fish remains in tow and dispose of remains. This means that you will not get that "road rash " on hour hands or thumb. For more detailed instruction, you can read the Owner’s Manual about how you to use this simple and innovative patented fish cleaning system. Fillet A Better Way®


• The Clamp keeps the fish from slipping/flipping from board
• Use the TWF Clamp from pick up to disposal - on any size fish
• Clamp creates anchor point from which to fillet
• TWF Clamp keeps thumb from fish teeth - like Walleye
• Use the clamp to flip fish to reverse side for cleaning
• The Board's Surface will not dull knife edge
• And the Board's Surface is easy to clean
• TWF has a built in ruler and drip channel
• This System is used by both right and left handed anglers
• TWF System can be used anywhere: boat, cleaning station, ice fishing and more

Manufactured by R&D Leverage in  Lees Summit, Missouri, for K&J Outdoor Products - USA Made

Additional information

Weight .140 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 3 x 3 in


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    TWO WAY Fillet® - Fish Cleaning System - Easier, Safer, Better - Our unique fillet tool anchors your slimy fish through the entire fillet process in perfect fillet position! Our reversible clamp replaces your hand keeping it away from fish's head, mouth, gill plate and your sharp knife blade. No more slipping either! Using TWO WAY Fillet® is like filleting with a third hand. Fillet A Better Way®.
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