Replacement Clamp for TWO WAY Fillet®

Replacement Clamp for TWO WAY Fillet®


TWO WAY Fillet® Replacement Clamp – in case of losing one – dropping in lake or running over with vehicle. Fillet A Better Way®

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Replacement Clamp - for TWO WAY Fillet®

The Two Way Fillet® replacement clamp positions your fish securely on its side on the surface of your TWO WAY Fillet® board to enable you to fillet your fish fast, safe and accurately.

A TWO WAY Fillet® clamp is supplied with your TWF fish cleaning system. In the event you would need an extra one, or simply have misplaced your original you are able to order a new one right here.

Made from virtually indestructible ABS, rust resistant spring, and nylon nut and bolt, your TWO WAY Fillet® should last a long time. All parts are made in the USA. The original TWF Clamp is warranted to not break for one full year from date of purchase due to manufacturing or workmanship errors. However, an extra clamp may come in handy, should you lose one in the water, mis-place one, or you would simply like to keep an extra one on the boat, at home, and/or in your tackle box. Add one to your cart.
Fillet A Better Way®

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