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Who We Are

father and son in law

Father and Son-in-Law wanted
to Fillet A Better Way®

After many fishing outings and cleaning limits of fish, we began brainstorming about a better way to fillet fish and not have sore thumbs, keep fish from slipping off fillet boards, and protecting hands and thumbs from cuts. We came up with an idea but were sure someone else had already thought about it.

Next column reviews the development of TWO WAY Fillet® fish cleaning system. The third column will present updates till production in 2016.

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Launched: 9/19/16





Began fishing together in a 1971 21ft Fiberglass Jet Boat w/455 cu in Oldsmobile engine. Lots of strange looks from passersby, but caught lots of fish! Traded in for 2001 Lund Pro V, annual trips to Ontario since 1999.

2006 -

Began discussing a simpler, easier, safer and better way to fillet fish, in order to prevent sore thumbs or cut fingers, prevent fish from slipping off board or table; Began visualizing the concept for TWO WAY Fillet® to Fillet A Better Way®

2007 -

Conducted extensive patent research for any similar patented products related to our concept; Finding none we decided to continue.

2008 -

Began making prototypes in garage testing concept, then working to improve and test again; By end of summer '08 had two boards: one 36" long with hinge, and a 22 inch board - both with clamps to hold the fish. Both worked very well!

2010 - 2013

Worked with Prototype Company in Pittsburg, KS to make actual working prototype from CAD drawings they made from our original prototypes, such that we could see a path to make these commercially.

2011 - 2014

Submitted provisional patent followed by full process and utility patent; Received process and utility patent in 2013

2014 - 2016

Began raising capital and building business plan for launch: sourcing suppliers and cost for materials, packaging, plastics manufacturer, injection molds, marketing, and web site development; Launched crowd funding campaign to jump start the launch.

Winter 2017 attended several fishing expos, conducting market research, and got some initial products into anglers hands for feedback to refine our message and selling strategies for full scale launch.

TWO WAY Fillet®
Fish Cleaning System

The patented TWO WAY Fillet® fish cleaning system, will allow you to fillet your fish simpler, easier, quickly, safer and more accurately than ever before. The patented TWO WAY Fillet® fish holding clamp anchors your fish on our fish cleaning fillet board which means that you have both hands free to manage the process - like having a third hand! The TWO WAY Fillet® fish cleaning system will put into your hands a patented method to fillet fish that duplicates the same method that many pro anglers have used for years.


A Few Words About Our Team

Our Advantages

Patented placement of clamp so that the fish is positioned on its side and fixed to the fillet board. This means you have an anchor point against which you are able more accurately fillet your fish. This also gives you a free hand - like having a third hand.

The fish is anchored which means that you are able to fillet with more confidence and safety. The fish will not slip from the surface of the board, and your hand without the knife will less likely be in harms way.

Fillet A Better Way® Whether new to the fillet experience or an old pro, TWO WAY Fillet® will help you complete the process safer, faster, and with more consistency than ever before. Thought you would never be able to clean a fish? Think Again...