TWO WAY Fillet® – New LOW Price!

TWO WAY Fillet® – New LOW Price!

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TWO WAY Fillet® patented fillet board and clamp, holds the fish mouth, not the tail. TWO WAY Fillet® introduces this unique and innovative fish cleaning system for any angler to fillet any species of fish fast, safe, accurately and with more consistency.  TWO WAY Fillet® answers the call of anglers for a way to securely hold slippery fish for the fillet process and giving the angler a free hand – like having a third hand. Fillet A Better Way®. TWO WAY Fillet® Board measures 23″x 8″.

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TWO WAY Fillet® - patented fillet board and clamp, perfect for any angler,  perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Holidays, really for any occasion!   Holds the mouth not the tail. Most common challenge when filleting fish is:  Holding the fish's head still because they are so slippery.    TWO WAY Fillet® meets this challenge and more.  With TWO WAY Fillet®  you are able to clean walleye, pan fish, northern pike, all types of bass, perch, bream, cat fish, trout and more. Fish from 6 inch bull head to 32 inch Lake Erie Walleye have been filleted using TWO WAY Fillet®.

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TWO WAY Fillet® Fillet A Better Way®

You use our clamp to hold the lower lip of your fish, then secure the fish onto the fillet board with a snap. Using this process anchors your fish on its side onto your TWO WAY Fillet® board which prevents slipping. In addition you fillet more accurately and more efficiently because your free hand can follow your knife down the body of your fish keeping it perfectly beneath your knife. Using TWO WAY Fillet® is like having a third hand to help manage the entire process. Using your own patented TWO WAY Fillet® fish cleaning system means you can fillet your fish with more confidence, safety and efficiency.

Your TWO WAY Fillet® is made from FDA medically grade plastic which means it is easy to clean.  Your TWF board measures 8 inches X 23 inches. The TWO WAY Fillet® clamp fits either end of the board, therefore you can fillet right or left handed.  TWO WAY Fillet® is flexible which means you can use it on your boat, cleaning station or at home.  In addition you can confidently use your TWO WAY Fillet® fish cleaning system while ice fishing, or also when kayaking.

When side one is complete your clamp easily unsnaps from the board with one hand, which means it is easy to turn your fish over to fillet side two without ever removing the clamp from the fish's mouth. When done, you simply unsnap the clamp from board with fish remains in tow and dispose of remains. For more detailed instruction, you can read the Owner’s Manual about how you to use this simple and innovative patented fish cleaning system. Fillet A Better Way®


• The Clamp keeps the fish from slipping/flipping from board
• Use the TWF Clamp from pick up to disposal - on any size fish
• Clamp creates anchor point from which to fillet
• TWF Clamp keeps thumb from fish teeth - like Walleye
• Use the clamp to flip fish to reverse side for cleaning
• The Board's Surface will not dull knife edge
• And the Board's Surface is easy to clean
• TWF has a built in ruler and drip channel
• This System is used by both right and left handed anglers
• TWF System can be used anywhere: boat, cleaning station, ice fishing and more

Manufactured by R&D Leverage in  Lees Summit, Missouri, for K&J Outdoor Products - USA Made.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 8 x 3 in

2 reviews for TWO WAY Fillet® – New LOW Price!

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    By far, the best fillet board I have seen. Well worth the money!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Two Way Fillet™ (verified owner)

    Letter of feedback from one of our field testers:
    Went to the lake yesterday and brought back 20 bass to fillet on your fillet board. On the way I showed the board to my sone and asked him to test the board while I watched. My son started telling he had used such boards and never had much luick wioth them. Some of his dislieks were thay they slide all over the place and the more slime produced by the fish, the more the board moves. Then he said the way he does it is much better – lots of negatives from him. For sure not an opened minded tester… negative from the beginning. The fish ranged in size from 1-3 pounds.
    So it began, he retrieved the fish with the clamp in the jaw and began the process to fillet the first side. I told him to unsnap the clamp from the board and move the fish down to remove the skin, as in your video. He then unsnapped the clamp and flipped the fish over and snapped it back into the board and repeated the process. He filleted 12 fish in no time and I waited for his reponse. “Dad, this thing is great…it’s the best fillet board I have ever personally used.” There was never a hint that he wanted to stop using your fillet system… in other words, he was very impressed.

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