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alt=TWO WAY Fillet®
Crappie on TWO WAY Fillet
alt=TWO WAY Fillet®
TWO WAY Fillet used by Crappie Dan
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Crappie Dan and TWO WAY Fillet
Crappie Dan Demo of TWO WAY Fillet
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Crappie Dan Endorses TWO WAY Fillet
TWO WAY Fillet®

TWO WAY Fillet®

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TWO WAY Fillet® – Fish Cleaning System, introduces the first clamp/fillet board system to hold your fish by the mouth, not the tail, snapping into fillet board anchoring fish on its side. This perfect fillet position means using TWO WAY Fillet® is easier, more efficient and safer with less slipping, Using TWO WAY Fillet® is like filleting with a third hand. Fillet A Better Way®.

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Imagine cleaning your fish with its head anchored to the board in perfect fillet position - like having a third hand!

Fillet A Better Way®

Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This!


  • Clamp anchors fish's head to board
  • Clamp with fish flips over to fillet side two
  • Clamp unsnaps holding remains for disposal
  • Five slip resistant feet on bottom of board
  • Made from medical grade plastic
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to clean
  • Easy to use right or left handed
  • Perfect for any type of fillet knife


  • Clamp holds fish in perfect fillet position
  • Clamp holds fish from start to disposal of remains
  • Rubber feet resist board from slipping on fillet surface
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Clamp anchors fish - no slipping or sliding
  • Useful for any type fish 30 inches or smaller




  • Clamp lower lip of fish
  • Snap clamp into hole of fillet board
  • Fillet side one
  • Unsnap clamp from board and flip clamp with fish to side two
  • Snap clamp back into fillet board
  • Fillet side two
  • Unsnap clamp with fish for disposal

Fillet A Better Way® Imagine cleaning your fish with its head anchored to the board in perfect fillet position - and having a third hand!

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 8 × 3 in

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  1. bradkemp75

    By far, the best fillet board I have seen. Well worth the money!

  2. Two Way Fillet™ (store manager)

    Went to the lake yesterday and brought back 20 bass to fillet on your fillet board. On the way I showed the board to my son and asked him to test the board while I watched. My son started telling me he had used such boards and never had much luck with them. Some of his dislikes were that they slide all over the place and the more slime produced by the fish, the more the board moves. Then he said the way he does it is much better – lots of negatives from him. For sure not an opened minded tester… negative from the beginning. The fish ranged in size from 1-3 pounds.
    So it began, he retrieved the fish with the clamp in the jaw and began the process to fillet the first side. I told him to unsnap the clamp from the board and move the fish down to remove the skin, as in your video. He then unsnapped the clamp and flipped the fish over and snapped it back into the board and repeated the process. He filleted 12 fish in no time and I waited for his response. “Dad, this thing is great…it’s the best fillet board I have ever personally used.” There was never a hint that he wanted to stop using your fillet system… in other words, he was very impressed. Field Tester

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